Friday, August 20, 2010

Graffiti and Veggies in El Tabo, Chile

El Tabo is nothing special. Just a little town on the coast of Chile, between Cartagena and Isla Negra, nothing much to look at.

But it's a nice walk on the beach from my very generous friend C's house who had me out there last week to work and wander and go snappity snap with my camera, and it's home to a fairly impressive lot of graffiti, about which I can only snap and wonder, as I've never run into anyone in the act. For such a little town (see pic):

El Tabo

It has a pretty good variety, including these:

Alien, El Tabo

Toothy Mural, El Tabo

Pissed off bunny, El Tabo

Some of which is either a similar style to or done by the same person as this (which I took in the same town last year):

graffiti in El Tabo

And C aguantó (tolerated, stood for) all of my photo taking, and then we took the bus back, because what with all the vegetables, it would have been uncomfortable to walk home. Plus we got to hear YMCA by the Village People on the bus ride.

On the bus on the coast

Though if we had walked back home, perhaps we could have pondered the grammatical and spelling errors contained in this sandfiti once more, which we enjoyed on the way there. Or at least I did.

spelling and grammar error in the sandfitti

(Mi amor, te adoro too mach)

Upside down because of the light, and when I turned it over it looked just awful, so please enjoy it patas arriba (lit: paws up). More photos of this trip, graffiti and Chile in general on my flickr page.


Bessie said...

Enjoyed the post! Love the graffiti in Chile. Have quite a few photos myself. Hope you're well!!

Heather said...

Looks like fun...the rabbit is my fave!!!

Abby said...

Love the graffiti.

One of my biggest fights with my students is about the use of "too much" as a bad translation of "demasiado."
Student: "I like Chile too much"
Me: "No, you don't, you like Chile a lot. Too much is a bad thing."
Student: ???

Aggh. The never ending joys of teaching another language.