Thursday, July 8, 2010

Loving Santiago's Street Art, and bemoaning its demise

Here in the home camp, we have been going through a metric crapton of photos and other assorted memorabilia from the Smith family Robinson (what?). Anyway, those will show up in another place and time, and wow, I could go on forever about that. And I also now see that a) I really should label my photos better/at all and that b) my niece and nephew are going to have it really easy when they go through my photos when I am dead, because most of them exist only in digital form, and hitting delete doesn't take much energy, I don't believe.

But miraculously, I was able to find a couple of pictures I'd been looking for, to bring you this.

Sometimes you're just walking along, minding your own business, hanging out with Margaret your photographer (blogger, winewriter, translator, etc) friend, and you spy a colorful alley, this one off of Parque Forestal just west of Plaza Italia.


And you go off to investigate and open the pretend shutter on your pretend camera, or the real shutter on your pretend camera, or real shutter on your real camera (but not the real shutter on your pretend camera, because that's just silly), and you get this.


And then four months later, I happened by on my bike, as I am wont do to, and I caught this vision (go phone photography!)


And I know it's just paint, and it's possible that the person whose building it is never wanted the mural or didn't want it anymore, or even that the very artist who painted it had come to cover it up. But that's not likely, and it was art, and it was my art, mine as in that I get to see it whenever I pass that corner, and now not.

And maybe I'm just too emotional to fall in love with street art, but I was disheartened, and I still am. Which is why I have to go out and take pictures of everything, even if my niece and nephew have to get finger cramps hitting delete, delete, delete a million years from now when I die.

Love the murals of Chile? Me too! See more here, here or here.


Kristin said...

I love you just because you worked in "I'm wont to do". Fabulous!!!!

Michelle said...

Metric crapton indeed!!!! And you and Mamaj did yoeman's duty (yoewoman's?) in my absence.

Did I mention I found some super8 reels? Um... yeah.

We definitely need to scan, front and back, that "now do you think your sister is so stout?" photo. Whoever she was.

Oh, and you must visit us in our new town (and your old one!) to take mural pix!

Margaret said...

Arrrrghhhh! I second your bemoaning!
I can't believe they're painting over that wonderful mural! Glad you caught it mid-act... I wonder if they finished their destruction or left it half painted over like that...

Eileen said...

Kristin, I do aim to please. I'm working on becoming a grammatical iconoclast. How do you think it's going?

Margaret, I know! so awful. As I said elsewhere, I'm too sensitive to fall in love with such ephemeral art.

Michelle, I don't know who ended up with that photo! It's not me... And yes, yeoman's duty. How's the repetitive stress injury from click and advance, click and advance? We'll have to work on the scanning and how that's going to work. Oh yay! another challenge! :)

Abby said...

Either I'm very unobservant or they painted over the entire mural, because I taught a private class on Nueva Bueras back in January and didn't notice that mural. Sad.

Eileen said...

Abby, I doubt you've got your head in the clouds to that extent, even if you are quite overworked! the pics are from May 2009 and July 2009. I have a backlog of blog fodder as long as that and even longer, so it takes a while to get those posts up, as you can see.

Back soon. You'll have to shoehorn me into your schedule when you get a chance!