Monday, July 19, 2010

A little splash of Santiago autumn in your winter (or summer)

They say that a sudden cold snap gives the very best foliage leaf-peepers could ever hope for. Looking at pretty, color-changing leaves is written into my history, as crispy shufflewalking to school as a child reminded me of crunching through the first layers of spanikopita which my foodie parents introduced into our meal rotation sometime in the 70s, swearing about the drying-out phyllo optional.

I love the changing leaves, and would nearly develop a case of what here we call tortocolis, but I suppose in English is probably called a stiff neck, craning to the right as I walked to the post office in college, back when a) I lived in New England and b) people sent things through the mail. As an aside, I got my second piece of real mail this year, and it was from the IRS, and no, it was not an audit notice, and I did not even have to go get it from the post office office, miracles do happen.

So, back to the leaves. This year's winter is brutal in Santiago, and people who live in precarious housing are particularly screwed. I may be cold, but at night I can follow some of Abby's clever tips, and a few of my own I'm going to write about, and at least one of which I already mentioned here.

But before the winter set in and most of the trees lost their leaves, or at least their color, we had the most spectacular Santiago fall I've ever seen, most of it concentrated through the park along the river in Providencia and if I smelled hard enough, I could almost smell some apple cider and cider donuts from Atkins, but instead I went to La TeterĂ­a and had some chai.

So bundle a little tighter (or turn up the AC if you're in the northern hemisphere) and have a look, at some Santiago fall, just for you. Because color like this is never out of season.

santiago fall 3, leaf

santiago fall 4, arco iris

santiago fall 2, seed pods

Santiago fall 1, cleaning up


barbra r said...

gorgeous photos. what are you shooting with?

Eileen said...

hey barbra, you won't believe it, but that's just my extremely entry level Nikon D40X dslr, three years old, never been cleaned, calibrated, nothinged. Oh, also, shamefacedly, took those pics on auto... It just is that pretty! Nice to hear from you, going to go see what you're up to over there in your bloglandia. Though it always makes me a) hungry and b) wish you were here to cook a delicious meal!

Thanks for the props, hope you are well!

Sharon said...

Hey, speaking about good tea, we neen to go to the place I've been telling you about.

Pam said...

It feels crazy to me to sit smack in the middle of our Seattle summer and look at those red red leaves. Crazy.

Now, I have to go lie down and think about the equator as a real thing that matters. That's crazy too.

Abby said...

Thanks for the shout out! Great photos, and I agree, we actually HAD a fall here in Santiago, which is usually not the case. And the foliage was passable too (which is a lot coming from a Vermonter...haha).

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos. Autumn is my favorite season. I love the change, the cooling temps, and the anticipation. I guess there is anticipation in Spring too but I'm a Capricorn.

Cate said...

Autumn looks good no matter where and on what camera you're using. My fav season!!

Thanks for your fun comment about NZ trains, loved it and so true. Great to meet you, another fun intelligent blog I can read.


Eileen said...

Don't know why, but Cate's link didn't come up for her blog. It's smrt, so you should go see it. It's, and I got there from a dato I got from somewhere and somewhere, and oh yes, I should be working, thanks!

Cate, thanks for commenting, and Sharon, which tea place was that? sign me up! I'm freezing!

Pam, you and you birds.

Sarah, keep getting better!

Abby, love the shoutout, and let me know when your busy many-jobbed schedule permits loafing about!