Monday, March 1, 2010

Quick no-earthquake update from NZ

I was not in the 8.8 earthquake that recently hit Chile. Most of my friends are in the RM,or Santiago and thereabouts, and so far everyone is checking out well, including one that lives on the 17th floor downtown, and another that lives on the 14th floor near Cerro Sta. Lucia who reports that the quake was like "being in a cocktail shaker." People are scared and freaked out, but the RM is for the most part, ok.

As for the south, Talcahuano, Concepcion, Talca, Constitucion and the areas nearby, I am seeing what you are seeing on the news. I'm seeing buildings ripped apart, piles of splinters and cloth where houses used to be. It is totally otherworldly to see it from the other side of the globe. I am thankful for the internet and news agencies and twitter, facebook and other social networking sites that can give me even a glimpse of what is going on, and of course for all the friends and friends of friends who have called my mother and sister to find out how I am doing. I am worried about two contacts I have in Talca, one of whom I have been working quite closely with over recent months.

I have lots to say about my trip and how great it is and thanks to the two kiwis who texted me about the earthquake as soon as they found out (others might have done the same, but they don't have my NZ phone number). But all that great is misplaced right now. I'll talk about it some other, more appropriate time. Thanks to all for your concern and well wishes.

Hope and prayers and ánimo for the Chilean people. They'll need it.


pat1755 said...

thanks hon for checking in -- I've been worried about you, being away from all your friends at such a time, but I just couldn't imagine that responding to your last post with OMG EARTHQUAKE would be helpful.Awfully glad to hear from you, and I am hoping for the best for your friends. xox Yr Cronopio

Stephen said...

Phwew, I was just thinking about you when I heard that quake hit. So glad to hear that you were safe! The tsunami hit us in Mexico, though it was rather uneventful all the way up here.

Margaret said...

Hey- glad you're safe, but I'm sure it must really be weird to be a Chilean resident but have missed the experience. It's been kind of a rite of passage of sorts, and now you'll have to wait another 25 years to experience the Big One... although they're still promising some incredible aftershocks that you might be able to get your feet wet with.