Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Newsflash: I am not one of the nine most successful travel bloggers!

There are many, many reasons why I am not one of the 9 most successful travel bloggers of the year. Mainly, I blame, you, the reader.

saaaaaaah! That's what we say in Chile when we're kidding, or when the last sentence spoken is not to be believed. You can also take your dominant hand and hold it like a gun, cock it slightly back towards the wrist and hold it a little under the lower lip. Not as loud, but just as effective. I should take a picture of this, but every time I do, I look like I'm flashing a gang sign, from what I can tell. At least I'm not curling my fingers into the initials of my crew. What crew, you may ask? Buen punto.

So, while I have been not becoming one of the most successful travel bloggers of the year, I have been eyeballs deep in a bunch of other stuff, and have been enjoying the heck out of my relationship with my Matador peeps, and they seem to like me, too. It's a love fest, I tell you. Hey you, yes you! Don't look all embarrassed, I'm gushing here! I'm actually curling my fingers into an elaborate M, and that makes if effing hard to type.

In other news, two articles to pimp:

Argentina introduces reciprocity fee for US passport holders (rats!)
OMG, look at me, it's a day in the life of an expat in Santiago

In other, other news, my dear friends are to tie the knot the 30th of December, and we are all awash in ingredients and ideas and promises and memory cards and I hope I don't do that thing where I repeat the Spanish to the English speakers while interpreting the ceremony. And goodness let time move slowly enough for the couple to have time to do what they need to do, and not so slowly as to make us all develop ulcers (as though that were not caused by h. Pylori, we keep this antiquated, uninformed medical inaccuracy).

And with that, I am leaving for sushi in my old neighborhood. Have I talked about the plague of sushi in Santiago? Sounds appetizing, cierto?

Buen provecho!


Sara said...

Noooooo! I read that about the Argentine reciprocity fee. Nooooo! I hate reciprocity.

Annje said...

I don't know where they get their stats, because I have never heard of any of those travel bloggers--you are by far my favorite. I demand a recount!

Freddie said...

Sorry you didn't make the list :-( but, you have all of next year to make it...good luck and keep going - your writing is interesting :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Eileen, I'm just a shy anonymous guy that happens to love your blog but haves an atrocious english and so he (¿yo?) never leaves any comments. I wanted to let you know that you are my favourite travel blogger, not only because you spend most of your "traveling time" in my Chile Lindo, or because you seem to cachar more chilenismos that I do, but also because you are la gringa más entrete, inteligente y buena onda that I have ever read, and I really enjoy every story and insight you bring to us. Who cares about those fancy 1M viewers NatGeo Approved travel blogs? I don't ;-)


Oh, and did you know that Saaaaaaaaah is an abbreviation of "Saaaalta pa'l lado" or "Saaaaaaale pa' allá"? You can also replace it with a "¿Dóooonde la viste?" when somebody is chamullando with you. Equally funny to hear!

Eileen said...

Hey kids,

I am absolutely kidding about not being one of the best travel bloggers. I mean, I was all about the Lonely Planet competition in March, because that was before I understood that there are people who make blogging their lives, their livelihoods. Lonely Planet spoke, and they agreed that I didn't write the best expat blog, despite a valiant (and immature) social media campaign on my part to make it so.

In other news, I adore what "we" have here, a little community of people who comment and share, and wonder quite a bit about who the people are that wander in and out daily/weekly/monthly. I am pleased every time someone leaves a comment (except for those people who keep on saying something about how I am, of course wondering something or another, and the constant barrage of messages in Japanese, which I can't read), and get a kick out of thinking that what I say is interesting to someone other than me.

I also know that just like there is no best lasagna (though I'm pretty sure it's my mom's), there is no best blog. Maybe you like it gooey? Or maybe ordenadito (tidy)? saucy? cheesy? There are gustos and gustos (a blog for every taste). I don't have to figure heavily on any of the blog indexers (like the famous Alexa score), or win a single contest to be happy with what I have here. I love to write, and some of you love to read it (or are gluttons for punishment), which brings me a smile, which is easier to come by on some days than others.

I am also thrilled with the fellowship that has risen out of this blog. I've made a slew of online and real life friends, have drunk endless cups of coffee, gone on photo safaris, train trips and long walks through the city.

Thanks for commenting and reaching out and keeping on.

It's enough.



Candice said...

Oh hell yeah to the Matador love, feels like we're family.

Marmo said...

I like the word combinations/games you sometimes put in your comments.