Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Postcards for nothing? Desciptions for free!

Hey Lectores! (that’s readers in Spanish, I don’t really think your name is lectore, thoguh wouldn’t it be fun if it were, you’d be all, how’d the Romper Room lady know my name, much like I was as a child on the very off chance she would ever say my name, because despite claims to the contrary by today’s Chileans, Eileen? Not so common.

Hey Lectores! (remember that?) For your viewing pleasure, and my writing pleasure, I’d like to play a little game with you here on the blog. I show you a picture, and you write the story. I have thought of two ways to write about this picture, but maybe you'll think of one that's even better. The best commentary gets big internet hugs (or ups as some people like to say), and also a physical postcard if you somehow manage to get me your address without opening it to the world of stalkers. I promise not to actually come to your house unless you invite me and/or bake chewy chocolate chip cookies just when I am craving them the most, or have a nice vinagrette- tossed salad with thinly-sliced red onions, kalamata olives and decent-sized chunks of feta. Pssst, you can send me your addy to the email that’s listed in the profile, or you can take the name of the blog, paste that pesky @ (control Q or alt yomama on various keyboards, on mine it's ctrl 2) sign to it and then type the word hotmail. Oh, and then com. Because I’m not an edu, nor an org, though I'm not closed to the possibility.

But first, I digress. I took both pictures with my iphone, which is sad, because that makes me a capitalist, and as you can see from this first picture I took with my iphone, capitalism is death. About this I am very sad, and so to should you be, as it means we won’t have a chance to play the aforementioned game.


However, if capitalism has not yet killed you, and you would fan my ego by writing something about this second picture (not the first, capitalism behind bars picture, but this colorful one that shows up below,) please write a description of what the photo would make you blog about if you'd taken it/and or were so inclined. There may be more than one postcard, one never knows, but my judgement is the major determining factor to who will get the post card. Oh! and caprice. And chocolate chip cookies and that salad I mentioned, but don't send them in the mail, these things take forever to arrive and will probably get me fined because SAG is like that.

Thanks for playing!





Annje said...

I'll come back later and try to say something clever about your photo, but I just have to say... an iphone!? And all this time I have been feeling consumer guilt over my itouch!

nah, I'm kidding, they're fun huh? (I didn't want the phone, but the itouch is almost as cool) Don't forget to get the free Kindle app--you can download books and read up on the evils of capitalism and consumer greed!

Eileen said...

oh, I should say it's a first-generation iphone that I got from my sister and then had ha(ked (ooh, sneaky) by a guy I know to be able to use it on movistar, the same network I already used. I have a whopping 85 minutes of talktime, 85 messages, a cheapie way to surf the internet and have not yet downloaded a single application. I like to say it's the stupidest use of a smartphone in the world. I use the map function most. Oh! where am I now? That kind of thing. oh, and decentish pics!

Fly Girl said...

Hmmm, you know I'm more inspired by the Capitalism is dead, more. SO many edgy possibilities. Anyway, you already have my address and I expect that tasty Greek salad and fresh oatmeal cookies whenever I visit. I'd probably title that photo Scooting In Santiago and blab about how they represent the only really bold color in the city.

Sara said...

Hey! I recognize that mural in the background in the second picture. I know where you were! HAHAH! Now, I can webstalk you and follow you on twitter, and facebook, and your blog... Wait...that stuff only happens to me. My bad.